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Owing to the recent growth Global Beauty Company present in the beauty industry since 2008 is pleased to introduce you in this new and fascinating world of wellness and aesthetic medicine.

Global Beauty has served the growing aesthetic industry as a distributor of medical aesthetic equipment and professional skin care equipment and products. We are constantly on the look-out for innovative technologies that will give the aesthetic professional the tools to deliver cutting edge, exciting, and effective results. Each item we offer is carefully evaluated against our standard of affordable, high-quality products that actually deliver measurable results.

The field of aesthetic medical equipment has been undergoing development at an unprecedented rate over the last two decades. During the 1980's potential patients seeking medical aid in the form of cosmetic procedures had only few treatment options to choose from, all of them intrusive. Today there are countless non-intrusive medical esthetic treatments available in clinics worldwide and demand for cutting edge equipment is constantly growing. A well known characteristic of the human race is our desire to look as attractive as we can for as long as we can. Our Team has always focused in the research of the perfect combination between fitness and aesthetic medical equipment because we have always thought that they are perfectly complementary.